Rentals to get you moving

About us

We are TOSS Furniture, and we provide ‘Rentals to get you moving’. We are a group of passionate professionals, committed service providers and enthusiastic go-getters. Partner with us and benefit from more than 17 years of experience.
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Interior solutions and services

We offer complete home furnishings for you to rent or buy. From basic to complete packages and from standard to exclusive styles. Based on our interior solutions and services, we can turn even the most bare objects into a home. By means of furniture rental, we support our customers by taking everything off their hands, from styling to installation, and from decorating to removal.


We work together with (inter)national companies and private individuals. Think of: expats and their employers, embassies and diplomats, top athletes, students and housing organizations, short stay providers and so on. They appreciate us not only for our far-reaching services, but also for our experience, efficiency and personal approach.

TOSS Group

TOSS Furniture is a TOSS Group label. TOSS Group consists of multiple labels that are complementary to each other. The combination enables the labels to leverage one another's resources. This is a powerful, knowledgeable and stable foundation for a complete set of quality business services. All TOSS Group companies aim to harness the expertise of both management and specialists to relieve customers. It goes beyond offering optimized processes to work more productively: it is about immeasurable values ​​such as long-term partnerships, excellent service and trust. Read more about TOSS Group and its labels on the corporate website.
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