What does 'TOSS' in TOSS Furniture stand for?
When can I get in touch with you?
How does renting furniture work?
Is it better to rent or buy?
What are the advantages of rental furniture?
Is furniture rental good for the environment?
Who is eligible for furniture rental?
When am I (not) eligible for furniture rental?
How long can I rent furniture?
Can I rent a single piece of furniture only?
What's in a ready-made package?
Do you rent out new or used furniture?
How do you ensure that all furniture is clean?

Rental agreement

I am a diplomat, is there a diplomatic clause?
Can I buy the furniture at the end of the rental period?
What happens at the end of the rental period?
Can I extend my rental contract?
What is the notice period?
How do I cancel my contract?
What happens if I unexpectedly want/need to end the rental period early?
Several people live in one house, how many names will be included in the contract?
Someone else pays the monthly rent for me. What name should be in the contract?

End of rental period

How does the pick-up process work?
What are the collection costs?
Can I extend the rental period?


What if I am dissatisfied with what has been delivered?
Can I exchange a piece of furniture?
What if a piece of furniture I have chosen is not available at the time of delivery?
Something is broken, now what?

Prices and payment

How much does it cost to rent furniture?
I can only request a quote. Why can't I complete my order online right away?
I have a fixed budget. Can you offer a customized package?
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Do I have to pay in advance?
Do I have to pay VAT?
What does the delivery cost?
What does the installation cost?
How do I make a payment?
Do I get a discount when I pay the total rent in one go?
Can I get a discount if I don't need everything that’s in a package?
Where can I go if I have questions about the account?


Is the furniture insured?
Can I cancel the insurance?
What does the insurance cost?
Are there any restrictions on the use or movement of the furniture?


What does the delivery cost?
How does the delivery process work
How do you deliver my order?
What is the delivery time?
How long does a delivery take?
Can I pick up my order myself?
Do you also deliver outside office hours?
Do you also deliver in my area?
Do I have to be present at the delivery?
How long does a delivery take?
Do you hire a moving company?


What kind of furniture do you rent out?
Can I buy furniture packages?
Is lease/an installation plan possible?
I have a specific interior style in mind, can you deliver it?
Do you also supply appliances?
Do you also supply linen?
Do you also supply garden furniture?
Do you also supply office furniture?
Do you also rent children's furniture?
Can you also provide the upholstery?
Do you also sell furniture?
Do you also supply household goods?
Do you also repair furniture?
What makes your service so special?


What do you require from me to provide an accurate quotation?
Can I customize items?
I would like to rent for an indefinite period, how does that work?