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Rental furniture

There are a million challenging things about emigrating. With so much to sort for your new life as an expat, furnishing your new house shouldn't have to be a one of them.

Sustainable solution

If you want to save yourself the trouble, rental furniture is a great and sustainable solution. Your house will be a home before you even set foot in it.

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Your furnishing solution

Save time and effort not having to compose the furnishing of your house. The one thing you have to do, is choose your style and indicate which package(s) you require. Even customized solutions belong to the possibilities.


Our fast, friendly and flexible service is completely hassle-free and ideal for both short and long-term solutions.

On top of that our service means:

  • the hired household items are insured
  • no major investment
  • an affordable monthly rate.
Discover the convenience

Whether you need to be unburdened up to the teaspoons or just need the basics, we have you covered as we:

  • deliver anything a household needs
  • do the heavy lifting
  • see to installation and styling as well.
Rentals to get you moving

Rent anything you need, for as long as you want; we are here to help you settle in. All that is left for you to do, is opening the door to find your new life waiting for you. If you think this could be for you, why not request a free quote?


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