TOSS Group launches new label for furniture rental

Almelo/Amsterdam – TOSS Group, a growing provider in the Dutch market of payroll, international business, expats, and temporary employment, announced its expansion with the launch of their new label TOSS Furniture. To guarantee its success, it is entering into a strategic partnership with Home Inspirations. Home Inspirations is an established name and also one of the first national providers in the field of furniture rentals. The combination offers TOSS Group complementary capabilities to serve their customers on a broader level through adjacent solutions.

TOSS Group strongly believes in a One Stop Shop concept: a single point of contact for all your affairs. Thanks to the newly added label, they can do just that by offering a unique set of services. Expanding their full-service package in the field of working and living in the Netherlands with furniture rentals, makes it a unique and strong player in the Expat Services market.

Future benefits
“We are very pleased with our collaboration with Home Inspirations. It is an excellent company, and it shares TOSS Group's passion for unburdening customers” said David Marx, owner of TOSS Group. “In terms of DNA, there is an excellent match with, among other things, the provision of a service-oriented and flexible approach. The portfolio of products and services also fits together seamlessly. We are happy with the continued growth and reinforcement of TOSS Group.” 

Christy Latue, CEO of TOSS Furniture added: “The products, markets and skills of our new label are complementary to those of TOSS Group. Thanks to our collaboration with Home Inspirations they represent a significant growth opportunity for the combined organization. The cultures of our companies are well aligned and focused on offering valuable solutions to unburden customers. This is a strategic combination that enables us to offer customers a more comprehensive solution offering that is unique to the market. We will continue to focus on high quality and the exemplary service our customers rely on.”

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
The collaboration is based on the belief that there are clear benefits, leveraging the strong brands and resources of the two companies. As a result, TOSS in Holland is truly a One Stop Shop for expat services in the Netherlands, delivering a more complete range services to their customers. Concretely, this means that next to simplifying immigration processes or providing payroll services, we can now provide turnkey home furnishings by means of interior rental. 

“This is an exciting time for TOSS Group as we further grow our service offering and add even more value to our clients. Our customers have always been our best market indicators in terms of product development and market trends. At TOSS Group, we could not be more excited to be launching TOSS Furniture and to provide the additional service of temporary furnishing.” David continues. “We have always been about moving forward, about taking that next step. The joining of our two companies will further strengthen our position as a full-service solutions provider.” 

It's a sealed deal
TOSS Furniture and Home Inspirations have come to a smooth and effective partnership, guaranteeing their usual level of support.

Christy Latue - CEO TOSS Furniture
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1, unit 4.05.12
1062 HG  Amsterdam
+31 (0)85 4894809

About TOSS Group
As The One Stop Shop, TOSS Group offers a wide range of services for expats and/or their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible. TOSS was founded through many years of experience within the world of payroll, international business, expats, and temporary employment. 

About Home Inspirations
Home Inspirations Furniture Rental was founded in 2006 to serve clients coming to the Netherlands on a temporary basis. Today, Home Inspirations creates a home for customers in the Netherlands, Benelux and parts of Germany and unburdens them with ‘turn-key’ furniture solutions. Home Inspirations rents out everything required for a temporary interior.